New Debates on Gender, Migration and Development: linking production and reproduction in contemporary mobility - Guest speakers

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Lourdes Benería

Cornell, New York, USA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Lourdes Benería is Professor Emerita in the Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University where she taught since 1987. She has also taught at Columbia University, Rutgers University, the New School University and various universities in Spain. She is the author of The Crossroads of Class and Gender (1987), with Martha Roldán, of Gender, Development and Globalization (2003), and the editor of several books, including the two-volume Gender and Development: Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches (2001), Global Tensions. Challenges and Opportunities in the World Economy (2003), Rethinking Informalization; Poverty, Precarious Jobs and Social Protection (2006), and the 3-volume Feminist Economics for the 21Century (Edgar Elgar 2011). A former Director of the Latin American Studies Program at Cornell, her work on development has mostly focused on that region. She has worked with several international organizations such as the ILO, UNDP and UNIFEM. She is a former president of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) and an associate editor ofFeminist Economics, The European Journal of Development Research, and Economia Crítica. Beyond academic work, she has been involved with a variety of international networks, such as with peace, solidarity groups, and women organizations.

Sylvia Chant

Professor of Development Geography . The London School of Economics and Political Science

Sylvia Chant was awarded a PhD by University College London. Her principal areas of interest include the issues of gender, poverty, migration, women s work, household survival strategies and female leadership within the household. Her research interests have taken her to Latin America (Costa Rica, Mexico), South-East Asia (Philippines) and West Africa (Gambia). Her principal publications include Women in the Third World (with Lynne Brydon) (1989, reprinted 1993), Gender and Migration (Editor) (1992), Mainstreaming Men into Gender and Development: Debates, Reflections and Experiences (with Matthew Gutmann) (2000) and The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty: Concepts, Research, Policy (May 2010).

Mokhtar El Harras

Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines. Université Mohamed V Agdal.

Mokhtar El Harras got his doctorate degree in Sociology from the Mohamed V University of Rabat. He is now teaching and doing reserach at the Faculty of Humanities in Rabat. He is a member of the Group of Sociological Researchs and Studies. He collaborates as consultant with UN organizations, international foundations, as well as with national and international NGOs. He has benn visiting, as researcher or professor, many Universities, in US, Europe and the Arab World, as well as participating in collaborative international programs. His main fields of interest are family, gender, youth, rural change, migration, qualitative methodology and social networks. He published works mainly on gender, reproductive health, rural change, qualitative methodology, and youth.

Ninna Nyberg Sørensen

The Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), Copenhagen 

Ninna Nyberg Sorensen is a professional in development analysis, international migration, socio-cultural and gender analysis, and post-conflict management acquired through assignments as researcher, lecturer at various institutes of higher learning, department and programme management, consultancies, and, lately, through an assignment as senior advisor to the Danish Development Cooperation in Central America. From the early 1990s, my research has focused attention on a variety of effects of transnational processes on development countries. From 1998, this research has expanded into the field of conflict, internal displacement and the complex interrelation between ‘voluntary’ and ‘forced’ migration. Served as interim director during the merger of CDR-DIIS. At DIIS, was head of the globalization department at DIIS. For the last 3.5 years head of the Danish Mission in Guatemala, and senior advisor to Danida’s Regional Human Rights Programme for Central America.

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